The Watchtower

This is the blogging page for the Lydia website.  Mostly this will be comments on the news, with some notices on major updates to the site.

The Imperial Circus 12/12/21

An observation on the habits of the technocrats with their newly regained power.

The Technocracy Unhinged 12/14/19

The reaction of the ruling class to their slipping grip on power.

Pax Americana: The Tide Recedes 12/29/18

The deep historical significance of this month’s news headlines in Syria.

Goings On In Italy 6/20/18

Commentary on Italy’s new government.

500 Years Of Liberty For The Church 10/31/17

In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  Posted in The Chapel.

In Remembrance Of The USS Liberty 6/8/17

June 8, 1967. A date which Americans of honor cannot forget.

Reflections On The French Elections 4/26/17

A brief comment on the elections in France.

A Thanksgiving Toast To Donald Trump 11/24/16

A reflection on everything that this momentous event signifies.

Brexit – The First Crack In The Edifice 7/20/16

The immense geopolitical significance of Britain’s vote to withdraw from the EU.

The Foundation Of Hope For Eternal Life 5/3/16

The basis of immortality according to Christian teaching.  Posted in The Chapel.

Syrian Fallout 12/27/15

What the migrant crisis portends to Europe.

The Historic Faith 12/27/15

The first article The Chapel.

The Significance Of Donald Trump 9/12/15

What the Trump campaign means for the United States

Greece’s Default 7/3/15

On the first day of this month of July, the government of Greece allowed the deadline to pass on the payment of its EU debt…

Update 6/17/15 – announcing the posting up of The Chapel

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