The Watchtower

This is the blogging page for the Lydia website.  Mostly this will be comments on the news, with some notices on major updates to the site.

Pax Americana: The Tide Recedes 12/29/18

The deep historical significance of this month’s news headline.

Goings On In Italy 6/20/18

Commentary on Italy’s new government.

500 Years Of Liberty For The Church 10/31/17

In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  Posted in The Chapel.

In Remembrance Of The USS Liberty 6/8/17

June 8, 1967. A date which Americans of honor cannot forget.

Reflections On The French Elections 4/26/17

A brief comment on the elections in France.

A Thanksgiving Toast To Donald Trump 11/24/16

A reflection on everything that this momentous event signifies.

Brexit – The First Crack In The Edifice 7/20/16

The immense geopolitical significance of Britain’s vote to withdraw from the EU.

The Foundation Of Hope For Eternal Life 5/3/16

The basis of immortality according to Christian teaching.  Posted in The Chapel.

Syrian Fallout 12/27/15

What the migrant crisis portends to Europe.

The Historic Faith

The first article The Chapel.

The Significance Of Donald Trump 9/12/15

What the Trump campaign means for the United States

Greece’s Default 7/3/15

On the first day of this month of July, the government of Greece allowed the deadline to pass on the payment of its EU debt…

Update 6/17/15 – announcing the posting up of The Chapel

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