Syrian Fallout

For the past three months, Europe, particularly Germany, has been inundated with immigration, from a number of places, but most of it purporting to be fleeing from the civil war in Syria.  Third World immigration to Europe has been going on for decades, but it is now that the limits of immigration policy are being put to the test.

The history of this type of immigration has clearly shown to Europe that the world’s people are not interchangeable, that this type of foreign migration means foreign colonies forming on European soil.  We have already seen, looking at the Middle East, the type of societies they created.  Few Europeans of any political persuasion prefer that to the culture they live in.  The crisis itself was brought about due to Washington’s idea that Arabs will become Westerners simply by imposing a Westen form of government on them.  The saw what happened to such a government when it was first put to the test.  In contrast, Russia is showing a more realistic approach in working with existing forces of stability.

It is a deadly time for Europe, as it threatens a demographic shift that will quite literally mean the death of Europe if it not stopped.  It means the replacement of Europeans with Arabs and Africans in their own countries.  Fortunately, we see some European governments, particulary those formerly on the east side of the Iron Curtain, moving to resist it.  There are few countries in Europe these days, east of west, where popular opposition to immigration hasn’t become a major force.  Every election they seem to get stronger.  The FN in France this month saw its support uo in the high twenties, and even in Germany, for the first time in post-war history, the CDU is facing challenge from a party on its right.

This type of ideological upheaval is certainly going to shake Europe to its core, and could well split apart the EU.  Schengen is for all practical purposes already dead.  Western Europe already seems to be experiencing its own 1989.  It is only a question of what will emerge when the dust clears.

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